Kung Fu Extra Full - New category in World Kung Fu Championships

  • 24 may 2022
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Kung Fu Extra Full Rules


1) AGE – Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 35 years
2) WEIGHT CLASS – Fighters must be in one of the following weight classes:
Flyweight – 111 lb / 50.3 kg
Lightweight – 133 lb / 60.3 kg
Welterweight – 155 lb / 70.3 kg
Middleweight – 177 lb / 80.3 kg
Light Heavyweight – 199 lb / 90.3 kg
Heavyweight – N/A (+90.3 kg)

All preliminary matches are conducted 5 rounds of 3 minutes.

All matches are conducted in a ring 7×7 or 8×8, which complies with the international IKF specifications.

Legal techniques

1) All forms of boxing in combination with kicks to the body and head
2) Low kicks to the thighs, inside and outside
3) Rear (reverse) kicks to the body or the head, spinning back kicks to the body and to the head with full contact to knock out the opponent, also foot sweeps are permitted
4) Any kind of throwing
5) Holding the opponent’s leg while executing striking or punching techniques
6) When the opponent is down it is allowed to use choking and painful movements in 30 seconds

Illegal techniques

-  Any forms of biting are prohibited
-  All strikes, blows and punches executed with the palm side of the gloves are prohibited
-  All kicks to the back and back of the neck are prohibited
-  Any form of butting with the head is prohibited
-  All attacks (strikes, punches, kicks) against the joints are prohibited
-  Kicks to the groin is prohibited
-  Attacking a downed opponent or an opponent who touches the floor with his/her gloves is prohibited
-  Spitting out one’s tooth protector (gum-shield) is prohibited
-  Holding the ropes of the ring and attacking an opponent, also in clinching situations

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