Kung Fu

Literally, “Kung” means intelligence, wisdom. “Fu” means manner, way.

Kung-Fu is the harmonious blending of body, mind, and spirit (feeling) in order to become a better person and live a long life. Kung Fu attracts the human spirit by its exact and hard training in order to form, the human and to harmony his body and spirit through repetition of mind. Through training and exercising, we discipline our minds and gain a greater understanding of ourselves.

Kung-Fu is a school of mind, intellect, courage, and heroism. Masters in kung fu schools try to teach thinking and outlook to their students through the acknowledgment of spirit. They develop thorn as independent beings and the initiators of rules and regulations.

Our scrutiny is to show humanity the real way in Kung Fu and its Zen, to signify justice and reveal the truth of the lie and the blame to mankind.

Kung-Fu is the cry of mind. Mind means passing through the borders of wisdom and power.

In Kung-Fu schools the flourishing of humans is tended longer. The duty of a gardener is performed carefully, as we regard today’s children as the inventors of the future and we watch over them.

In the schools of body and mind, the youngsters are barely acquainted with the reality of forthcoming in order to know their missions and duties at the threshold of their social activities. In the principle of Kung Fu, energy means concord. Powerful humans are not aggressive. All aggressions and injustice are in the weak spirit of the person.

World Kung Fu Championships