World Kung Fu Cup 2022


Date: 6,7,8,9 September 2022
Venue: Therma City Hotel Yalova, Turkey
Organizers: International Kung Fu Federation and International Martial Arts Olympic Committee
Accommodation: Therma City Hotel, Köyiçi, Killi Orman Cad No:27, 77400 Akköy/Termal/Yalova, USD 75 per person per day, including 3 times meals and airport shuttle 
Transport: Shuttle Bus to and from airport provided 
Entry Fee: Each category is USD 100 for one person; 2 categories - USD 150; 3 categories – USD 200
Eligibility: Open to all Kung Fu and Taichi organizations
Disciplines: Kung Fu Tao Lu Bare Hand & Weapons/ Children/Juniors/Seniors/Boys/Girls/Masters/Men/Women, Kung Fu Light  Juniors/Seniors/Boys/Girls, Full Sanda/Seniors/Boys, Tai Chi Bare Hand & Weapons/Juniors/Seniors/Masters/Men/Women, Tuei Sho/Seniors
Awards: medal, diploma (1st, 2nd, 3rd places)
Pro Belt award:  1st place winners (age 18+)
Contact: or Whatsapp


For participation at World Kung Fu Cup 2022, please submit the followings: 

  • The Entry Form should be filled and e-mailed to the IKF Office on  
  • The Legal Form for the participants under 18 years of age should be filled and signed by the parent or guardian 
  • The deadline for Hotel and Team Registration is 30 June 2022. Failure of applying on time will prevent your team from participation. 
  • Every participant should submit a Health Form and medical insurance. Health Form and Medical insurance should be obtained in the athlete's home country. 
  • !! Referees are welcome to apply by filling out Referee Application Form . Referees will be provided free accommodation and remuneration for their work during the contest. They should have a detailed knowledge and understanding of the IKF Rules and abide by the IKF Rules - Kung Fu Tao Lu, Tai Chi, Full

Attention!! Download Entry Form here - printable PDF Format or Word doc  

Competition Categories
  • Kung Fu Full (Sanda)
  • Kung Fu Combat (Extra Full)
  • Kung Fu Light (Light Contact)
  • Kung Fu Taolu Barehand
  • Kung Fu Taolu Weapon
  • Tai Chi Barehand and Weapon
  • Tuei Sho
Weight Category
  1. Kung Fu Full (Sanda) -52 kg, -56 kg, -60 kg, -65 kg, -70 kg. -75 kg, -80. kg, -88 kg, -90 kg, 90+
  2. Kung Fu Combat -56 kg, 61 kg, -66 kg, -70 kg, -77 kg, -84 kg, -93 kg, 93+ kg
  3. Kung Fu Light (Light Contact) - Male and female junior age category includes ages from 16 years up to 18 years minus one day: 1) Boys’ weight categories -44, -48, -52, -56, -60, -65, -70, + 70 kg 2) Girls’ weight categories - 40, -44, -48, -52, -56, -60, -65, +65. Male and female senior age category includes ages from 18 years up to 35 years minus one day:
  4. Men weight categories -52, - 56, - 60, -65, -70, -75, - 80, + 80 kg   
  5. Women weight categories -50, -60, -70, -80, +80 kg 

The Fighter’s Equipment

  1. Individually fitted head protector (helmet), open helmets are forbidden
  2. Individually fitted tooth protector (gum shield)
  3. T-shirt (sleeveless undershirt or bear-chest is prohibited)
  4. Individually fitted chest protector
  5. Hand bandages max 2.5 meters
  6. Gloves 10 OZ in all weight categories
  7. Shorts (long trousers are prohibited)
  8. Individually fitted groin-protector
  9. Individually fitted foot protectors (shin guard)

      Read IKF Competition Rules here

Extra Full Category Rules

Age - Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 35 years

Legal techniques

  • All forms of boxing in combination with kicks to the body and head
  • Low kicks to the thighs, inside and outside
  • Rear (reverse) kicks to the body or the head, spinning back kicks to the body and to the head with full contact to knock out the opponent, also foot sweeps are permitted
  • Any kind of throwing
  • Holding the opponent’s leg while executing striking or punching techniques
  • When the opponent is down it is allowed to use choking and painful movements in 30 seconds

Illegal techniques

  • Any forms of biting are prohibited
  • All strikes, blows and punches executed with the palm side of the gloves are prohibited
  • All kicks to the back and back of the neck are prohibited
  • Any form of butting with the head is prohibited
  • All attacks (strikes, punches, kicks) against the joints are prohibited
  • Kicks to the groin is prohibited
  • Attacking a downed opponent, or an opponent who touches the floor with his/her gloves is prohibited
  • Spitting out one’s tooth protector (gum-shield) is prohibited
  • Holding the ropes of the ring and attacking an opponent, also in clinching situations

Tao Lu Bare Hands and Weapon Categories for the athletes

  • 15 - 18 years minus one day
  • 18-35 years minus one day

Tao Lu Barehand styles

  • Northern Kung Fu Style
  • Southern Kung Fu Style
  • Wing Chun Kung Fu
  • Joriyo Kung Fu
  • Hung Gar Kung Fu
  • Kung Fu Choy Li Fut
  • Jeet Kune Do
  • Kung Fu Toa
  • Kung Fu Animal Styles
  • Free Bare Hand Forms (Panda, Bagua, Chisao and etc.)

Tao Lu Weapon styles

  • Kung Fu Straight Swords
  • Kung Fu Curved Swords
  • Kung Fu Long Stick (wooden)
  • Kung Fu Spear
  • Free Weapon Forms (including Nunchaku, Whip Chains and etc.)

Evaluation of the performance will be on the following guidelines

  • Speed
  • Power
  • Coordination
  • Low positions
  • Eye position
  • Balance


  • General performance - 6 points
  • Force and coordination - 2 points
  • Spirit and determination - 2 points 

Loss of points

Momentary loss of balance - minus 2 points

Repeated momentary loss of balance - minus 1 points

Loss of balance and fall to the ground , including touching the ground with the hand - minus 3 points

Momentary involuntary pause - minus 1 point

Incomplete - no score

If the weapon accidentally touches the ground or bumps the athlete’s body - minus 1 or 2 points

Deformation of the weapon - loss of 1 to 3 points

Breaking of the weapon - loss of 1 to 4 points

Dropping of the weapon - loss of 1 to 4 points

Beginning and the end of the performance done incorrectly - minus 1 point 

Must: Traditional Kung Fu costume is acceptable only with long sleeves, clean and ironed, with personal sash

Read IKF Competition Rules here

Tai Chi

Any Tai Chi style may be performed at the World Kung Fu & Tai Chi Championships of the International Kung Fu Federation.

Tai Chi Bare Hands and Weapon Categories for the athletes: 18 - 35 years of age

Tai Chi Bare Hands and Weapon Categories for the Masters: 35 + years of age


Tuei Sho Categories for the athletes

Male and female senior age category includes ages from 18 years up to 35 years minus:

  • Men weight categories -60, -70, - 80, -90, + 90 kg 
  • Women weight categories -50, -60, -70, -80, +80 kg

All preliminary matches are conducted 2 rounds of 3 minutes

Read IKF Competition Rules here

World Kung Fu Championships