Membership procedure

This procedure is intended to formalize the process for becoming a member of the International Kung Fu Federation (IKF). Membership is open to all kungfu organizations which agree to abide by the rules of the organization. Applicants must read IKF by-laws and competition rules in effect at the time of application.

All IKF member organizations are free from any form of prejudices on grounds of race, gender, politics, religion, or otherwise.

How to apply? For the membership procedure the applicant organization sends the application form to the IKF office.

For membership send us the copy of your organization’s Certificate of Registration accordingly with its relevant English translation.

Certificate of Registration proves your being an official organization in your country. That’s the important document that we want to prove that our member is officially registered. We also need a Letter of Recognition from the Sports Ministry or Olympic Committee of your country which states that they recognize you as a Kung Fu or Tai Chi organization in your country.

Download, fill in the membership Application form and submit it to the IKF office on

IKF membership certificate costs €100.

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