About IKF


The International Kungfu Federation (IKF) is an international governing body of the national and international kungfu organizations in the world.

The purpose of organizing an international governing body for Kung Fu is to propagate worldwide traditional kung fu tenets and spirit.

IKF promotes traditional Kung Fu worldwide as a unique team with unique rules and seeks to join the Olympic Games.

IKF seeks unity, where all traditional kungfu styles are free from any form of prejudice.

All the traditional kungfu organizations must be registered in IKF and constitute their respective statutes in strict conformity with the principles of the IKF Rules and Regulations.

The goal of the International Kung Fu Federation is to protect the rights of the kungfu organizations, seek their coordination, and create peace and friendship.

IKF welcomes all kungfu masters to unity and seeks their cooperation in international events, world, and continental competitions.

IKF promotes the principles of traditional kungfu, its philosophy, zen, development of techniques and ranking certification.

IKF observes the Olympic Movement Anti-Doping Code (“OMADC”) as prescribed by the IOC and other anti-doping codes relevant in preserving the intrinsic value of the spirit of sport.

IKF shall consult with and integrate, if necessary, the best practices and models of the IOC and other International Federations (“IFs”) of the Olympic Movement, and other Organizations with regard to the administration of the sport of kungfu.

The Rules and Regulations of IKF is the fundamental and universal document upon which the administration of the sport of kungfu is based.

To attain the objects of Rules and Regulations, IKF shall promote the following activities;

-  World Kungfu Championship

-  World Junior Kungfu Championship

-  World Senior Championship

-  World University Kung Fu Championship

-  World Military Kung Fu Championship

-  Various international competitions

-  International Referee Seminar and Refresher Course

-  International Coach Training Course

-  Research for the propagation and development of kungfu techniques

-  Publication of necessary kungfu related materials

The World and Continental Championships shall be held under the auspices of IKF and organized by the host member organizations. The Continental Kungfu Championships shall be held with the approval and supervision of IKF and shall be organized by the host member organization selected by each continental federation.

World Kung Fu Championships