Yin Yang

Yin and Yang are the basis of Chinese philosophy. According to this philosophy, the structure of the world is balanced by two contradictory polars: positive and negative. This contradiction shows itself in all the existence: animate and inanimate. The Yin and Yang are always in motion and results in changes.

Yin: Thing, Negative, Earth, Night, Winter, North

Yang: Energy, Positive, Sky, Day, Summer, South

Yin is shown as the dark color, Yang as white. You will notice a white spot in Yin and a dark spot in Yang. Its meaning is that each polar, though contradicted, in order to be complete, has a relation with the other polar.

Yin and Yang can be applied in both martial arts and good health. Whether in your exercise program or daily life, it is always helpful to understand yourself through this ancient philosophy. It is possible to see light in the darkness of night – the light of belief and immanence. It is possible to notice darkness in the sunbeams – the evil deeds. I have seen Satan in the figure of a believer.

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