Chi Gung

Chi Gung is the art that teaches how to increase energy (Chi) in the body, how to feel and master it. It also helps to free the body from tensions.

Chi Gung is an easy exercise that can be practiced at any age. It helps as an antistress and relaxation method, for preventing and natural healing from illness – back pain, joints, allergies, and for stimulating longevity of life.

Recent studies show that Chi Gung can restore health to all body functions because of its action on the nerve fibers. It is also an excellent help for the work of acupuncturists, Shiatzu therapists, chiropractors, and physiotherapists.

Chi Gung is effective to:

• obtain stress reduction and relaxation

• stimulate the natural healing process

• prevent diseases and allergies

• build internal power

• cultivate emotional balance

• gain mental clarity

• increase concentration, vitality, and stamina

• relieve pains

• gain wellness and longevity

We regret that today many people use the name of Chi Gung and Tai Chi for their business interests though they are not real Chi Gung and Tai Chi instructors.

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