Tai Chi

“Where there is Tai Chi, there is peace and concord.“

The vital energy in the living system is called Chi. Everything, animate and inanimate, is composed of this universal energy. Chi contains two polar forces, the yin, and yang. Yang is powerful and yin is predominant. Powerful yang results in organic activity. Predominant yin causes insufficient functioning. Either imbalance results in physical illness. The illness itself is a signal that you are imbalanced. Tai Chi exercises help one to charge and 1 restore the energy in his body. Its value to men’s health has been testified by. practice and research. Tai Chi helps one keep fit, pre-vents and cures diseases, slows down the pace of r growing old, and prolongs life.

Tai Chi is a martial art, whose slow and gentle movements are embodied vigor and force. Its functions of attack and defense must not be forgotten. There is a Chinese saying, “Inside the cotton is hidden a needle”. Its technical, physiological, and mechanical qualities all have a philosophical basis. Tai Chi is composed of five styles:

1. Cheng style Tai Chi Chuan. This style has two sections: traditional and modern. Traditional Cheng was found ed by Cheng Wang Ting.

2. Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. Its founder is Yang Louchan (1800-1873).

3. Wu style Tai Chi Chuan. Its founder is Chuan Yu (1834-1902).

4. Wu Yushi Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. Its founder is Wu Yushi Yang (1812-1880).

5. Sang style Tai Chu Chuan. Its founder is Sang Luz Tang (1881-1939).

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