History of Kung Fu

History of Kung Fu Kung Fu dates back to the years of the history of a human being. There is not any written record about the exact history of Fu dates about 520 A.D., Kung Fu. Most historians say that Kung when the Indian priest named Bodhidharma (Tamo in Chinese), traveled to China to teach Buddhism.

In China, Tamo visited the local province Honan and started to teach Buddhism there. His religious training covered two aspects: 1) mental concentration and 2) training of religion.

There were a lot of newly planted trees and various halls, built for different purposes in that province. For this reason, the temple was named “Shaolin” (young forest).

In the course of training, Tamo observed that his students most were not in good physical condition. He countered their weakness by teaching them moving exercises. He wanted to set up a style that by gaining it the human could use and benefit from his natural strength and physical opportunities and his body could overcome mental and physical tensions. According to legends, Tamo devoted nine years of his life to live alone on this purpose. He set up a new training complex by observing the movements of animals and nature during these years. He became aware of the secrets of harmonic blending of body and spirit (feeling). His new complex covered 18 animal styles. The Kung Fu. These sets were the beginning of Shaolin Kung Fu.

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