Zen is a set of truths. Only the true Zenist can know the reason of all happenings. Zen, essentially, is energy. This energy is directly related to the energy that keeps the universe with its power. This is precisely why Zenist knows the truth irrespective of time and place. From the internal point of view, this world is full of mysteries. But in reality, those who cannot grasp this world correctly consider this universe obscure. While the person lives in this intense and cannot comprehend time turns away and ignorance starts. One Zenist was asked, ‘Why don’t you help the others to know the truth?’ He replied that people are divided into three groups – The first group does not like to think and only is engaged with obeying the others’ orders. The second group makes orders to people taking advantage of ignorance. The third group are writers and politicians, who spend energy to acquaint themselves as leaders of the world. And when Zenist was asked which group he belongs to, he said, he is one of those, who preserve the truth. Zen is the only way to know the internal and true secrets. Zen is the energy and with this energy, it is possible to see the true essence of everything. Zen is the only way to get rid of ignorance. Zen is the treatment of internal difficulties.

Davud Mahmudzadeh

World Kung Fu Championships