What is Kungfu? Many people translate the word "kungfu" from the Chinese language as a skilled person, perfect master and a faultless way. Nowadays kungfu is not a mere word, it is a martial art sport popular in the world.

Kungfu is a kind of sport that blends the harmony of soul and body. This differentiates kungfu from the other martial arts. kungfu is a way. This way shows the person his physical weakness and how to gain internal strength. A human without internal strength is a machine without thinking.

Kungfu is a way of thinking. This way makes the person recognise himself as a being and he gets aware of his right and wrong behaviour.

Kungfu is a way where human beings discover peace and power.

Though kungfu is a Chinese word, it is incorrect to search it in the bounds of China. The word 'democracy' was first uttered in America, but it is wrong to relate this word with the USA only. The word 'democracy' is used in all societies. Therefore, nobody can say democracy belongs to America only.

The word "kungfu" is used in China infrequently. The communist regime has a severe attitude towards people who use this word. The Masters Board of the International Kungfu Federation promotes traditional kungfu in the world as well as wants it to join the Olympic movement. The IKF officials have addressed the IOC and GAISF on this issue.

We, International Kungfu Federation, recognize kungfu as a harmony of mentality and consciousness and accept it as a faultless way. Where there is mind and consciousness, there cannot be a fault.

Fault comes from ignorance. Ignorance originates from unconsciousness. Consciousness is the extent of person's morality. Mentality is his degree of choice. The person, who owns both of them, is a faultless man.

Kungfu is a faultless way.

Kungfu is a harmony of consciousness and mentality.

Kungfu is a harmony of body and soul.

Kungfu is a way that recalls powerful people to peace.

Kungfu is the direction of people who seek freedom.

Kungfu is a direction of people who respect moral values.


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