Level 1
Preparatory movements
1 month (Introductory form, punches and kicks)
Level 2
Yellow sash
6 month
Blue sash
6 month
Green sash
6 month
Red sash
6 month
Brown sash
6 month
Black sash
8 month (Coach)
Level 3
1st Dan
1 year
2nd Dan
1 year
3rd Dan
1 year
4th Dan
1 year
5th Dan
1 year (National Expert)
6th Dan
1 year
7th Dan
1 year
8th Dan
1 year (International Expert)
9th Dan
1 year (Honorary names)
10th Dan 1 year (Supreme status - Grandmaster)
The status of coach and the 3rd Level are subject to and officiated only by the approval of the International Kungfu Federation. All kungfu coaches and the above degrees (Dan) should pass the prerequisite tests and criteria deemed necessary by the IKF.